Top quality nutrition for dogs for your most demanding professional needs.

The ATLETIC DOG line of products is made up of particularly high performance ingredients. Our products fully reflect our love for dogs as well as their sporting and hunting activities. We put our passion at the service of developing and expanding our line of products to the maintenance versions.

A painstaking and well balanced formulation and supplementation blended with the use of cold processed top quality raw materials make of ATLETIC DOG products the most reliable for all breeds of dogs, whether for superior physical performance, maintenance or dogs leading a sedentary life.
The exclusive processing under controlled temperatures leaves the organoleptic properties of the raw materials intact, thus facilitating the assimilation of the daily ration hence avoiding reduction of nutritional values.

The ATLETIC DOG line of products, including “Puppy” and “Alta Energia” brands as well as the maintenance versions represent our commitment to guaranteeing good lifetime health for your dogs.

The “Alta Energia”, “Plus Cavallo” and “Plus Pesce” line of products are suitable for dogs with high competition performance demand.

“Atletic Dog Light”, “Forma” (Fitness), “Mantenimento al Cavallo” (horse meat-based maintenance nutrition), “Mantenimento al Pesce” (fish meat-based maintenance nutrition), “Lamb & Rice”, “Cervo e Patate” (deer and potatoes) and “Formula con Aglio” (formula with garlic), allow a wide range of maintenance diets. This allows meeting the needs of all dogs, ranging from the less active or sedentary dogs to dogs with some nutritional intolerance requiring a targeted diet.

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